Poppies to cover the bell tower at St. Mary’s

We are in need of poppies – thousands of them!

Knitted, crochet, felt or fabric – anything that will stand up to the British Autumn/Winter. We plan to cover as much of St. Mary’s Bell Tower as possible in poppies to commemorate 100 years since the end of the 1st World War.
There are patterns on the table at the back of St. Mary’s or come to the Parish Office (you can leave your finished poppies in both places too). Victoria Fabrics on Market Street also hold copies of the knit and crochet patterns and will take in finished poppies too. You don’t have to follow a pattern – you can go freestyle, we just ask that they are bigger than about 10cm in diameter (it means we don’t have to sew so many on!)

Crochet poppy pattern
Knitted poppy patterns

If knitting/crochet etc is not your thing, but would like to help – we will need help to sew them on to the backing. Also, if you have a logical or engineering brain, we need help in working out how to get them onto the tower.
Contact Kate in the Parish Office – 01453 842175 / wotvicsec@btconnect.com for further information or offers of help.