For 2 weeks leading up to the 100th Anniversary of the end of the 1st World War, St. Mary’s Church covered the bell tower in woollen poppies. They could be seen from miles away, and were much photographed. The inside of the church was also decorated – poppies made by local people (schools, scout, cub, Beaver, Guide, Brownie and Rainbow groups, Dementia awareness groups and many more), others from further afield – the Isle of Man, Glasgow and Australia.

We thank you all for your donations. We had over 10,000 poppies donated to us.

Over 350 school children came to St. Mary’s to “Experience Remembrance” where we showed them what life was like both at home and at war. They got to sample the type of food the soldiers would have had, shown real pictures and medals of people who served in the war and heard stories of what it was like.

St. Mary’s Tower – Taken by Wotton Times