Reordering update

January 2019

If you’ve been into St Mary’s since Christmas, you will have seen that the first phase of the Reordering works has started in earnest. This piece of work will build the two toilet cubicles, and install the servery.

First we had to rehome the pews from the west end, and these have now been relocated. We then removed everything from the choir vestry, and that’s now all in the Berkeley Chapel.

For safety, the contractors have installed a fence. Behind, they have now removed the Flower Cupboard and the partition to the choir vestry. The first piece of work is to install a new floor in the vestry.

Because the work is going on out-of-sight, we’ll post occasional pictures.  If all goes to plan, these works will be finished by Easter 2019.

Works area fenced off

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Works behind the fence
Relocated vestry petition
Works in the choir vestry