Tresham Church – Chapel of Ease

Our little church is very small, simple and welcoming. Built in 1855 for the ease of people of this little hamlet at the top of the hill from Alderley, it is set back on the hillside opposite the old red telephone box, so it is not easily spotted by chance. The site is believed to have been used for worship for many hundreds of years.

It is open between about 9am and 4 or 5 pm; the door is stiff but openable.

We hold a communion service at 11 am on the first Sunday of the month, except January. Before Christmas we have a popular Lessons and Carols service, and in summer a musical evensong after a village social event. For dates of these, see our village website at

The church building has some Arts and Crafts furniture, made by Julia Hilliam, woodcarver and craft teacher at Reading College (now university), who was the wife of the then renowned statistical economist, Sir Arthur Bowley. They were friends of the artists A.S. Hartrick and his wife Lily Blatherwick, who lived in Tresham from about 1899 to 1908. The Hartricks painted the panels behind the altar screen, and A.S. Hartrick painted the reredos, the crucifixion scene behind the altar, and designed all the woodwork. There is a framed account and description of all the work done, and the local fundraising which paid for it, on the north wall of the church near the pulpit; a list of donors is currently on the east wall to the right of the altar. Julia Hilliam’s work is particularly seen in the carvings on the altar table, the ‘Bishop’s Chair’, the wings on the altar rail and the font cover at the rear of the church. Her work is also to be seen in Alderley church in a large memorial wooden screen, now in the vestry. We have plans to restore our altar wall-paintings. The Victorian harmonium has been fully restored in recent years.

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