January 2018 – Update on re-ordering of St. Mary’s

Update on Re-ordering
What to call the result of the Chancellor’s decision – an early Christmas present or, more appropriately, God’s enabling to fulfil the Vision of St. Mary’s? The latter will be how many of us may view it.
After a long and patient wait, the Re-ordering Committee received the news in December that the go ahead has been given to proceed with Phase 1 of the re-ordering. The long and careful report, from the Chancellor’s office, which will be published in a more digestible form soon, revealed how much detail the Chancellor had gone into covering all aspects of the proposal, (previously submitted to the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)). Careful consideration seems to have been given to all the proposals, in particular how they would affect the present structures of the church, old and new, static and removable (e.g. the railings and the pews). The life of the church, from now, and into the future, was weighed up by the Chancellor against the removal of long established additions to the interior over many years: and how others before us had also altered some of the church’s interior, in their time. e.g. moving the organ.
Her awareness of the many alterations over the years was apparent, and the life of the church was a significant motive for evolving the structure, yet again. Various cultural bodies were brought in for their comments and the Chancellor has noted those too. All objections have been addressed with careful and full consideration; and decisions taken in their light.
There are a number of conditions referred to in respect of how certain pieces of work are carried out. The committee and project group will need to give full compliance to these, when certain parts of the work are undertaken. Now, it must be full steam ahead for the fund raising; and applications to various organizations in order to fulfil their earlier commitments to fund us on arrival of the ‘go ahead.’ Hope this brings most of us into the New Year with new vigour and a sense of expectation of what God can do.

Shirley Wyse