Mission to Seafarers

The Mission to Seafarers is an Anglican charity which exists to provide spiritual and practical support to seafarers across the Seven Seas.

It has a network of Seafarers’ Centres in 71 countries and 260 ports around the world where crews of visiting ships can, where time allows, take advantage of the facilities provided. Their need may only be for a little relaxation from the humdrum life on board, but they are enabled, via the Internet, to contact families and loved ones from whom they may have been separated by months spent at sea.

They can always be assured of a warm welcome whenever they visit one of our Centres, the nearest one of which to us here in Wotton is the Port of Bristol Seafarers’ Centre at Royal Portbury Dock which plays host to seafarers from the large number of ships visiting Avonmouth.

Here in Wotton, we have quite a large number of individuals who give of their time and talents in knitting woollen hats and Neck-Warmers which are always most gratefully received when taken down to our local Seafarers’ Centre where, they assure us, they can never have too many.

The Saint Mary’s Parish Link with the both the Mission to Seafarers headquarters in London and also to the Port of Bristol Seafarers’ Centre is John Ballantyne, who can be contacted via the Parish Office. More information on the Mission to Seafarers can be found on their website.